ACLU weights in on the government pressuring social media

Now that the ACLU has weighed in I hope this gets covered on the next show.

I’m not a US constitutional expert, but there is a real problem that needs a real solution. To me the problem is that foreign governments can use mechanical means (i.e. bots) to spread misinformation against other governments using social media. Perhaps the government can argue that they’re wanting to police non-citizens, which don’t deserve the protections of the constitution…?

The Intercept story is utter “bullshit” quoting Mike Masnick:

If you trust Mike, and I do, you can move on to the next outrage now. (Although I think it’s generous to call The Intercept “respectable” these days.)

Thanks for at least covering the story. Too much ignoring is going on in the press these days. Tribal journalism.

I do trust Mike. His article is well done. Doesn’t mean that the statement “government pressuring social media” isn’t true.

BTW…I’m not outraged. This has all gotten too funny to get outraged over.

Getting popcorn ready to see how the SBF story gets covered.