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A new Phone device in my Windows Network label “donut” (Amazon AEODN) show up awhile ago. I don’t have any Amazon phone excepted a Kindle but it’s not connected on my Nighthawk R7000P router. I look in my Connected device in my router and only my Desktop PC Windows 10 was connected (Cable, no wireless) but the Phone still display in my Network File explorer on Win 10.

I changed my network and admin password of my router and same issue. I did a fresh install of Windows 10 and still the device label “donut” still display with MAC address but no devices is connected in my Router. Same device display on my win 10 Laptop.

Any idea of what’s going on?


Flush your ARP cache.

I flush Windows ARP -d but it still there.

I have now a new device call Austin (KFAUWI)

Where are you looking exactly?

Windows has the ability to find devices using a number of discovery protocols. If all the devices are on the same network, then may be discovered via broadcast messages. For example, my PC inexplicably finds my TV. Donut is probably a reference to Android Donut - Wikipedia . It could be the Amazon device(s) because they run a version of Android. I guess if you really don’t know what the device(s) are, I would try and see if you can check MAC addresses. If you can’t do that, then try turning off all the devices (except the PC obviously) and see if they go away after a while (as long as 24 hrs.) If they do go away, turn one on, and see if it comes back (give it some time.) That might allow you to connect the dots. If you’re on cable and your firewall is faulty, you could be seeing other devices from your neighbourhood that are also on cable. To diagnose that issue, just unplug yourself from the Internet (maybe overnight) and see if the problems go away.

If I look at attached devices in my router logs I see
Garage door opener
Various tablets identified as Android or Amazon
Mobile phones
smart tv
access point

Do you have IOT devices connected to wifi?

I actually got the Mac address when I double click on the device under Network in File Explorer but there is no device connected when I check in my router. I did shutdown all device and it still show up in my Network in Windows but It seem to come and go. There is a computer call Austin appear quickly and disappear.

I just tough it could be a backdoor or something like that. I will do the test for 24 hours.


I only have Nvidia Shield but It label has Nvidia Shield. Event when I turn off all my device(Power disconnected) it still show up under Network in Windows but there is no device connected to my router other than my computer.

Is Windows “Your Phone” enabled?

It’s not, I double checked. It could be my neighbour too?

She has access to your network?

Have you rebooted? :innocent:

Does the MAC correspond to any of the devices you own? If not, then try looking up the MAC online. You can at least learn who the MAC was issued to (for example, Amazon, Apple, etc.) That could help pinpoint a device if it’s one of yours. Some IoT things show up strangely, for example my Anova cooker shows up as a very strange name and it startles me every time because I use it so rarely that I forget how strange it is. Here’s one (of a number you could find online) MAC lookup site: If you want a device that can help, you could spend money on something like this:

Change your wifi password and see if it goes away?

I think that was tried:

@Minitaur is your router firmware up to date?

Yes, I did updated my firmware. What I don’t understand is there is no other device with an IP address in my router other than my Desktop. How can I get a Phone connected in my network if it do not show on my router?

I don’t have any iot device. Also this morning a random device show up and go away after few second.

I also plug the modem cable directly in my Desktop (No router), and there’s no device in my network. I also did a Manjaro bootable usb and nothing show in my network as well.

Is it possible, that it is a “ghost”? An old device that is still remembered by Windows, but isn’t actually there.

Can you actually access the device from Windows?

Does your desktop have Bluetooth [enabled]?

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Bluetooth is off. I make sure it was deactivated

The device do not show up in my router and do not have IP address. I did Ping and few basic command and I can’t access to this device.

It’s really weird.