Strange Device Default Name for Netgear RAX45 - Anyone else sees the same?

I have a Netgear RAX45 wifi router. As of late, I noticed that the Device Name is a bit strange and I wanted to know if anyone else with the same router sees the same device name. The Device name that shows up is the following “PanelView Plus 6 Terminals Rockwell Automation-PanelView Plus 6 Terminals” The Firmware Version is V1.0.11.112_2.0.77. I’ve updated the firmware to - Hot Fix but the device name is still the same. Should I be worried? Or is this normal for this make and model of wifi? I’ve search online but i can only find that the name is connected to which doesnt seem to have anything to do with the router.

When you say you see the device name, where/how are you seeing it? On my router, some devices have names in the DHCP list, but the router itself is not listed. Some of the strange names are related to the chipset maker the device uses, and are a guess based on the MAC address lookup in a database. In particular, for example, my Anova cooker shows up with a weird name.

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I see the device name within the attached device section of the router os. I’m assuming the information is pulled from the DHCP list. See attached screenshot.

Can you share the first half (the first 3 octets (6 hex digits) ) of your router MAC address? This should not be identifying, but would allow to look it up in a database to see if there is any reason stemming there.

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I looked up the first 3 octets(8C:AE:4C) and its associated to the following company “Plugable Technologies”. The name Plugable Technologies made me realized that I have a Gigabit usb to ethernet adapter connected to the box running my firewall. I looked at the back of the adapter and it was a match. I think the mystery is solved, unless you think otherwise. If it is, I want to thank you taking the time to reply to my messages and providing support(Thank you).


There we go. Good to know that there’s nothing too funky going on.

Agreed, no apparent funkiness going on.