SanDisk ImageMate PRO Reader not reconized on Windows 10 machine


I have a SanDisk ImageMate PRO Reader that shows up in device manager as Unknown device and has status…Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)
Unable to access the registry.

Uninstalling and reinstalling device does not help. Works fine on another Windows 10 machine.

SanDisk support is no help. Replied Microsoft problem. I have posted the question in Microsoft forum.

If you have any suggestions or questions please let me know.


It may not help, but try this:

When I say power off below, I mean: power off completely (not just a reboot, power off and go have a coffee.) Make sure the computer is OFF and receiving no power (unplug it from the wall if you have to.) Make sure nothing attached is supplying any power either (no powered USB hubs, etc.)

Uninstall any related software/drivers (anything you installed yourself, if anything). Power off if you made changes.

Go into the device manager (with elevated privileges) and find the unrecognized device. Delete it (highlight it and press delete.) Power off.

While it’s powered off, remove the device. Set it aside.

Power up, look for any issues. Check device manager. See if anything remains of the device (remember you deleted the drivers and unplugged it above.)

Assuming it looks clear, plug the device into a DIFFERENT USB port. Give windows time to detect it and think about it. Hopefully it will check the drivers etc, maybe even download them all over. Assuming it is properly recognized at this point, you may be all done. If not, look in device manager and select it and ask it to update the drivers. If that causes any changes, power off again.

Hopefully somewhere in all that Windows will figure out what it lost track of. If not, well, you need more advanced troubleshooting I’m afraid.


Hi PHolder
Thanks for taking the time to reply.
Yeah, had tried that route but no help. I tried working with the parties involved SanDisk, Microsoft, MSI (MEG X570 ACE board) but could not get a solution, and each ended up saying it was not their fault. My guess is somebody is not following some USB standard. I have just ordered a different reader and hope to move on.
And they wonder why so many computers are smashed!
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