Weird Issues With Razer Synapse & Corsair iCue

Last summer I bought a (Corsair) Commander Pro and had issues with iCue not seeing any of the fans connected to it from the getgo, so I got an RMA but never used it because I was busy with school (by the time I got the RMA it had been a few months). But it randomly started working properly when I had to reinstall Razer Synapse because Synapse wouldn’t see my mouse. But it gets weirder, once the Commander Pro started working properly the RAM usage of a system process called Corsair.service slowly started creeping up and a day or two ago hit 1.5 GB. I emailed Corsair and they told me to run the repair process on iCue so I did today and guess what Synapse is being weird again (I’m in the process of reinstalling Synapse). Any ideas?

One more thing, when I was about to start the repair process on iCue I went to quit it and noticed that it wasn’t even running in the system tray.

Ok just got better (but weirder) I just restarted my computer because Razer’s device detection wizard told me to because it thought I had already uninstalled Synapse but apparently I actually didn’t uninstall it and it started once the system rebooted and the mouse worked.

Actually I think I had ran a software update. I don’t completely remember, its been a couple of hours originally when the mouse stopped working I decided to Parsec into it from my Linux laptop (so I could use the trackpad to control the mouseless computer) but Parsec ended up being unable to connect from that laptop so I ended up using Parsec on my Tablet and after I restarted the computer I was having all the issues with I proceeded to spend a couple of hours trying to fix Parsec on the laptop.