Samsung One UI 2.5

The new Samsung One UI 2.5 is apparently out for the S10 phone now. However, I was glad to see that the S9 will also eventually get the update. As the S9 has been out a while - this may be the last time an S9 owner will get such a UI update. But, we’ll see…

That’s awesome if it happens. I don’t hold my breath on these things anymore. I did that with the S8 when everyone was saying it would get android 10 and Samsung was supposed to be moving to a 3 years of updates schedule. Then nothing. So I will believe it when I see it.

Thanks for the info though :smiley:

Well, I had an S8 until I dropped it and the screen broke at the very end of March of this year. But, I remember looking into it, and I saw in news articles that the S8 was not going to get Android 10.

This article also claims that Samsung now promises 3 years of updates.

Granted, I just got my S9 earlier this year - but it was released a while back… I just looked - the S9 came out 3-16-18. That is about 2.5 years ago. I am still getting updates on the S9, so I believe they are doing 3 years of updates NOW. They didn’t do it before, and maybe the S8 fell by the wayside (it was release 3-29-17) .

There are some things I did not like about the S10 and S20, besides the price, That is why I grabbed the S9 for around $450 earlier this year (I love the finger print reader on the back)

Same here. I’m using an S9 (though I only paid $90 for it) as well as my S8 got retired to one of my children that broke theirs. But yes you are right there was a lot of back and forth and toward the end they all just started saying it wasn’t going to get it.
But in the beginning and middle of the whole thing almost everyone was saying the S8 would get android 10.
As I said I’ve just learned to wait and see what happens before getting my hopes up is all. To many rumors fly around and get everyone distressed.

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