Samsung is working on a phone design unlike anything ever seen on a Galaxy device

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Really not a fan of Samsung devices. I think they offer extremely iterative designs w/ massive marketing budgets. When they do try and step out with something like the Fold, they fall flat on their face.

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I had (well truth be told I still have it, but have no clue precisely where it is) a Samsung Galaxy S3. I got it because it was one of the first phones to come out with Android 4. I thought I liked it enough, but grew to hate that the buttons were different on it than on stock Android. It also almost never got timely updates… and when it didn’t get any update to Android 5, I was pissed. At that time I was hearing so much good buzz about OnePlus that I got a OnePlus One, and it was a great phone. I ended up handing it down, but it is still working and in use to this very day. I’ve heard that Samsung finally relented and allowed people to reconfigure the buttons to be like stock, but I am unwilling to ever own another Samsung again… once bitten, twice shy.

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Seee, I have the opposite view. I have a Samsung S2 Galaxy tablet that I love. Much more so than an Ipad (I have owned a few of those over the years).

Plus, every smart phone I have ever owned has been a Samsung phone. I like the interface they use, and prefer Samsung phones, personally.

I’m used to getting shouted down for it, but I always preferred the Samsung UI to “pure” Android, but the good Samsung phones are just too expensive for me now. Still love my old Note 4, but it never had the battery life I needed, which is why I’m on a Moto Z with the battery back.

Well, I got my S8 after the S9 came out. I paid $450 on 2018 Black Friday. A few months ago, the S9 was $399 for a week or two at Best Buy.

If you look, you can sometimes get a great deal. But, even at $450, that was the kmost I have ever spent on a phone. I would not pay the $800 they are when they first came out.

I was given a Note II years ago. ANd, I later owned two J3 models, but they were very slow. The S8 is awesome. I have no immediate plans to upgrade - I am happy with the S8