Samsung Galaxy Fold - plans stolen

This is a negative story about the Samsung Galaxy Fold phone. No real surprise. But, one interesting aspect of the story was that the design info was apparently stolen by a supplier and sold to 2 Chinese companies.

I was not aware of that aspect before. Interesting to speculate how that may be why we see some competition now…

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Folding phones are a nice concept, but I see it taking a decade or more to get hardware right.

Read about that this morning as well. Seems more like an excuse for a subpar device marred by bad reviews and delays. Samsung is quite litigious too, if there was merit to the claim I’d expect a lawsuit against companies selling devices in the US which use their design.

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It’s a plastic Samsung device not fully tested. What on earth would any other supplier need the design plans?

There has to be some problem in those plans that at least one competent engineer solved. Too bad it wasn’t the folding screen.

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