Router speed test

I want to compare the speed of a couple of different routers I have for my home network to pick the best one to use. NOT an internet speed test - just the speed of a router in my home network.

Looking for a tool to do this on Linux.

Do you mean wired speeds, or WiFi speeds?

Although it doesn’t reflect actual real world traffic types, iperf is often used to test the raw performance of a network. You need to tweak the parameters to max things out though.

It works on windows as well as Linux.

I’ll second iperf as the right tool for testing network speeds. Here’s a guide to using it How to use iPerf3 to test network bandwidth | TechTarget

However, it might be useful to narrow down what you’re specifically wanting to test. If you want to test the actual routing capability of your router, you’ll need to setup a scenario which requires use of the routing engine. Simply plugging your endpoints into the switch ports on your router will give you the line rate they’ve negotiated with the switch.

Thanks. iPerf is what I was looking for.