Network issue question

I m facing a weird issue with my work laptop
Back story:
Work laptop razor blade
My network is eero connected to netgear router connected to cable modem
Im getting around 80-100Mbps download and 20 Mbps upload speed
On basically all my devices (smartphones laptops MacBook Pro etc)
Except this work laptop that gets 30-50 Mbps download usually with 20Mbps upload and some times it drops to 0.14 a few times a day
Laptop is working fine when im in the office
But it’s like this from home

I have to connect to company VPN and company has some site blockers as well
But it’s going up and down and the couldn’t find the issue
Slso when it goes down even disconnect from vpn won’t fix it
At the time im using this laptops it’s usually the inly device using ng internet
I wonder if eero is reducing dpeed or is it a wifi hardware issue
Thank you

Your work VPN might be funneling all traffic through their office, so that will decrease your speed. Or they have a web protection agent on your machine that funnels all web traffic through a service.


Yeah I wonder why it’s dropping speed randomly and gets better
And i have mention it started happening last week

Also, the available traffic from your ISP may vary by time. You’re probably used to how the traffic levels are on your non-work PCs when you’re not working (i.e. after hours.) If it’s a cable ISP and a lot of your neighbours are working from home, you may find your bandwidth during the day to be less than at night. (Or conversely, it may be less in the evening when everyone gets home from work and starts streaming Netflix.) The one thing to test would be the speed of a non-work PC at the exact same time you’re having this work slowdown. If they show the same numbers, then it’s ISP related. If they don’t show the same numbers, then it’s probably something specific to the work PC or the VPN.

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If you connect to VPN then your internet traffic is probably passing through your work network and then out to the internet again so it’s going to be a bit slower and constrained by the shared connection at the office.

If you use a cable instead of WiFi for a few hours then that would tell you if it’s something to with WiFi or compatibility between the laptop and your eero.

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Actually i did and all my other devices including laptop, cellphones etc are full speed
That’s why im concerned either on eero or something in the laptop that drops up and down

Unfortunately I don’t have access to connect wired
And a bit slower conntion is not that bad but it drops suddenly to 0.14 mps and back to 40 in a minute
And I tried once with turning off vpn and didn’t chsnge

Okay, so it may be a consequence of running the work connection through the VPN to do the speed test. i.e. it may be slower because of the [crypto] overhead of the VPN, and then further slowed by being routed into the company network and then out to the site being used to perform the “echo server” for your speed test utility.

If you took the laptop off the VPN and did the speed test, does it achieve the same results as other devices at the same times? (Maybe you can’t actually do this, depending on how your company requires your laptop to be configured.)

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Can’t IT send you an Ethernet cable to try? Did you check the router settings, like QOS? Are other people using the same connection? When the laptop slows, what are your other devices showing?

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Actually i did just once with disconnecting vpn and it was same
But have to tery that again
And my concern is why it’s happening randomly so it’s good for 30 minutes and goes bad for 10 minutes and the off again
But it stays good for hours sometimes
I have to test more and will get back with more feedback

Check your eero to make sure it’s using 5Ghz and not 2.4Ghz

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Unfortunately i cant reach to the router
And all other devoces were working perfectly
I’m using both laptops and MacBook Pro and cellphones roght besides each other when testing
Im goanna test more and get back with more feedback
And i wish i had a choice to reinstall windows as my IT only install from image and I don’t like that