IP Throughput over usb link

how can we measure data throughput over usb link? Have a usb-c tethered hotspot which connects to a VR headset, how can we measure the data traffic that goes between hotspot and headset? both these devices do not have any test port, the only option is to to have some sort of breakout board in between the two. measuring total throughput ( including usb signalling) could be an option if we know of approx % of signalling overhead. thanks.

It’s unclear why you actually care about speeds and feeds over USB? Is something not working right? If it’s working, shouldn’t you just enjoy the experience, rather than trying to dissect it? In any case, USB is very inefficient. It has higher overhead than you might initially expect. Check out “Ben Eater” on YouTube, he has a few videos on USB as he’s showing how a USB keyboard works, and that might be interesting to you if you wish to build some sort of hardware to plug in the middle to measure things. The RPi Pico has a USB stack, so you might get one (or a pair) of those if you’re hardware inclined. (I’m a software guy, so would be no help there.)