Remove item from Apple Calendar that was added from a shared Google Calendar

@mikahsargent My wife’s iPhone calendar is linked to my Google calendar. There was a recurring event created on my Google calendar that has been deleted but continues to show on her iPhone calendar.
I’ve disconnected the shared calendars and rebooted but it persists.
What can you suggest?

Sounds like somehow the event is cloned into her calendar? Have her look for a copy to delete? (Either in her Google account on in her phone calendar.)

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My google calendar was shared to her apple calendar. The event was deleted from my google calendar but still shows in her apple calendar.
Her google calendar does not show the event. It’s been months now so it’s not something new.

Okay, but if you deleted it, and it’s still showing for her, it has to be somewhere else other than where you deleted it from. You said it was recurring, so I thought maybe at some point she locally deleted an occurrence of it, which would probably have had to have cloned it in order to remove one of the recurrences.

I have had a friend invite me to reoccurring events from their Google calendar to my iPhone Apple Calendar. When the events were cancelled from his Google calendar, they stayed on my iPhone calendar. I had to manually delete from my iPhone. I realize is not a good answer but I could not find another solution.

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