Every time I delete an internet account it comes back

Note sure why, but when I try to delete this Gmail account in Internet accounts, it comes back in about a minute. Any idea what to do?

Are you maybe signed into Google in Safari or maps or similar, so when you launch one of them it re-creates the account?

Not that I can see. In addition, this shows up even if I am not using any apps.

Can you see and manage this list online (iCloud) in any way? Perhaps you need to kill it at the source of where it is syncing back in (so from Apple’s cloud.)

Good thought. I took a look as iCloud and there doesn’t seem to be a place where I can go into Keychain data directly to delete it.

So, I called Apple Support (nice guy on the other side). He said for me to boot up in Safe Mode, then delete the offending account. I did, and booted back up normally and it’s gone!

I’ll keep that in mind for future troubleshooting. Seems like Safe Mode does a lot!


Dang, I spoke too soon! It’s back. :triumph:

Is it synced to a phone or iPad as well? Maybe they are syncing it back to the cloud (E.g. pulling up email after you have deleted it on the Mac)

I am not exactly sure how to see this on my iPhone or iPad since I don’t see any Internet Account settings like on the Mac. I did check my Mail accounts and it’s not there.

You may have tried this already, but on your Mac, go to Keychain Access,
search for the offending account under each of the default, system, and system roots keychains listed in the left hand column, and delete it everywhere.

Be prepared to re-enter the account, just in case this results in some new strange behavior. It did not on my Mac.

Oh yea, make sure you write down the password before you delete it from keychain.

Well, I do see one that might be related but it is only the information before the @gmail.com. And, when I right click to try to delete, it doesn’t. Weird.

At this point, I suggest it comes down to how serious you are about fixing a minor problem. You can reset the entire keychain, and a new one will be created by MacOS, but you will also have to enter the saved passwords the first time you access each existing entry. It used to be a process of renaming or moving the old keychain files, but it looks like more current MacOS versions of Keychain Access have a command to do it.
If you want to go this route, Google “reset Mac keychain”, and select the source you trust the most for instructions.
I can remember doing this the old way, before iCloud and iOS were involved. I expect it could be annoying for a while having to enter passwords you haven’t been asked for in a long time. Also depends how many passwords you actually assign to Keychain.

Yes, I agree with you…this is a minor issue. I can’t find a way without doing a kind of nuclear option, I’ll just let it be. Thanks!

Be persistent and keep trying to delete from Internet Accounts on System Preferences. It took me several tries at deleting the test account I setup.

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For iOS you go to to mail settings in the settings app to manage accounts now.

1st i remand doing is removing any site that sreas that long-in like the spam comtoler unroll.me. 2nd remove all Windows, MAC, Linux, Fire OS, IOS, or Android devices from the account. 3rd you may have to go to an full desktop or laptop computer and log into thier to so. Then i wound remand reseting that device.

Thanks, I tried that but I get a message that I have to go to Internet Account in System Preferences to remove it. So, I go back to square zero I’m afraid.

Have a look at this, in particular the third from last post where the OP deletes the app.com.mail option.


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