Google photos backing up IOS photos makes duplicates

Is it me or does Google make multiple backups of the same photo from iOS? I am thinking it happens because the duplicate is the edited version on the original photo? Any way to stop this?


Just to say I am experiencing this too. :-1: Oddly it didn’t used to happen, but does now for some reason. Hopefully a Googler will be able to give more of an insight.

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I let Google Photos upload my photos and it went and deleted them from both my phone and iCloud. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I was REALLY mad (because there were lots of photos of my infant son in there). Fortunately, I learned that iCloud holds onto photos for 30 days and was able to recover them all.

Never using Google Photos again after that.

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how is that possible? did you click “clear up space”?

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I have no idea…but nothing I did clearly indicated that it would delete photos from both my phone and iCloud.

I feel with all google iOS apps I’m always one click away from deleting all iCloud linked data (contacts, calendar, photos).

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I don’t use Google Photos so I may be talking out my butt, but I recall it has an option built in to delete them after upload to free up space. I think you can turn that off. But no doubt, Apple sees them deleted, and doesn’t differentiate who deleted them or why, and just syncs the delete to iCloud.

Mine used to do this as well however if I recall one of the updates supposedly fixed this issue. Mine no longer updates duplicates.

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Wow, Apple let’s an app delete your data from both the phone and iCloud. I get that Google should be more careful, but still, letting an app have that much power to impact your backup, that’s crazy. Backup should be backup, not a live sync. Hmmm.

So, is there a way to delete all Google Photos stored in the cloud and then have it re-backup my iCloud photos?

This worked for me:

iOS Google Photos app: Turn off backup/sync then delete the App.
Google photos on the web; Delete all photos.
Reinstall iOS google photos app and turn on backup/sync.

Goes without saying but I would recommend backing your iCloud photos before fiddling with anything. Good luck!

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Seem to recall it being said sometime that using Apple iCloud Photos is not a backup solution. Even Apple recommends you backup your Photos library if using iCloud.