Multiuser web based calendar system / software

Wondering if anyone here has a solution or recommendation

I am the webmaster for my local MINI Cooper owners club while we have our public event calendar. I’m in search of a secondary calendar for our pre runs/ calendar only for our leaders and sweepers, where I can allow only approved people to add to it . As the club is a not for profit free or as low cost as possible

I know Google calendar is a free option but not sure of the administration side of it.

I am hesitant to recommend something I have never used, but isn’t this exactly the marketplace of MeetUp?

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I’ve been on the user side of MeetUp but not the administrative side. It was super easy and helpful.

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I use Google Calendar and I have my fiance set up and able to manage my public events and our shared work schedules & Bills calendar. I have a personal events calendar that she has view access to but can’t edit that one.

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