Hi Folks, new here but was Twit Army back in the day

I was in the KnowHow group too, and have tweeted and emailed with hosts and production peeps over the years.

I’ve been following the TWiT network since before it had a name and learned how to use bit torrent just to download Leo’s first audio podcasts about 15 years ago.

Glad to have a place to find all you guys!


Hello from Colorado!!!

yo! Good to see ya in here :fist_right:t5:


Hey Ant, thanks Just getting caught up on my podcasts and listened to a Twig from a few weeks ago that mentioned this place!

Always good to talk with you!


Hey, I was in Aurora (80013), moved up to the Greeley area about 8 years ago.
Nice to meet ya!

welcome to the group and oh man do I remember the trouble a younger me would get into with bit torrent…old times :smile:

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Things are getting crowded here in Aurora these days…

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Howdy from Texas! :smiley:

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Welcome back! :v: