It's a-me, a new member!

Hello all.

Marty’s my name (well, nickname for this community), hailing from Southern California, in the Inland Empire. I used to watch Leo Laporte on TechTV (Call for Help, The Screen Savers).

I discovered TWiT when I started listening to podcasts during my drive home from work (I hate the 210 and 10). I was very much delighted to hear Leo’s voice and then discover the rest of the shows in the network.

I started using computers with the Apple ][c, continuing with the Macintosh (where I learned to install memory), and then currently using a homemade Windows desktop. I’ve used BBS and Pine mail, dialed into the web at 2400 baud, leeched and seeded files, and surfed the Internet on my mobile device. I listened to music from cassette mix-tapes, iPod via cassette converter, and via Bluetooth (both on and off dash). I’ve used Netscape, IE, Chrome, and Firefox.

And I’m sure there’s more to explore in the world of technology, including VR, machine-learning, and social media.

That’s it for me, and thank you Leo for continuing to host technology at its best (and worst).


Welcome aboard from Texas!

Welcome to the community from Southern Indiana

Welcome to the community from a fellow Southern Californian (Orange County).

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welcome and join the fun

Hello from Colorado, I watched Call for help and The Screen Savers too!