[Proposal] Contest to redo the Twit intro bumper

Perhaps a contest can be done to see who can create the best Twit intro bumper? The bumper was recently redone, however it appears quite bland and choppy. While the old bumper can no longer be used because of the new TWIT slogan, it would be worth having a real slick intro bumper.


I’ve always thought I’d make a great radio (specifically baseball) announcer. I wanna give it a shot!

I’ve noticed that it sounds very choppy two. The new male voice is much heavier than the female voice that follows, it even feels like the volumes are on two different levels. I feel it needs redone from beginning to end again. However I do understand Twit is a business and at this time may just not have the funds available to remaster it. It would be neat however if they got the entire cast to record it in unison. :wink:

Actually, this is the original voice recording from before it said Netcasts, that’s why it sounds so off, it’s an even older recording. It was originally introduced on Episode 69 of This Week in Tech back in Sep 17th, 2006. They changed it only a few weeks later on Oct 1st, 2006, Episode 71, because literally 1 episode after introducing it, Apple sued a company called Podcast Ready for having “Pod” in their name.

Of course, Podcast is now the standard name every company/app/person/etc uses, Apple’s no longer gonna sue over it so it was likely hindering them more using a name that nobody recognizes and the legal risk is no longer there so they changed it back.

They probably should have used a new recording instead a 13+ year old one only used for 2 weeks but it’s good to see them finally change the bumper, the one they’ve been using has been very outdated looking for years now, especially since all their other graphics (like the short bumper used for Bits/HoT/YouTube Trailers, the intro sequence for the new Studio launch, the new outro screens, and even the new show intros) have vastly improved and are a completely different flat style.

I’m honestly surprised it took them this long considering the initial studio launch animation itself looked good enough to replace the intro as is, they just needed to tack on the words at the beginning which is basically exactly what this is (except they removed some of the fancy effects on the logo like the blue line spiralling into the circle and the circle moving back into center exiting into the show with a ripple transition).

Honestly, if I had one suggestion for the TWiT team, it would be to simply to replace the “This is TWiT” part of the new intro animation with the more fancily animated version used for shows like Ask The Tech Guy and TWiT Bits. You would need to find away to ease into it since that version has the circle appear then the “bug” slide up into it while this new intro instead makes the “bug” out of the lines then surrounds it with the circle but that shouldn’t be that hard. Basically just form the “bug” into the circle like it does currently but instead of it just sliding over to the left, having TWiT.tv slide in from the right, and then fading out with white, you would have the blue lines forming around the completed logo while it slides to left and the TWiT text appears before it all slides back together and the circular transition appears into the show just like the short animation.

It’s such a minor change considering most of the animation work is already done on the Bits/Short bumper already but it just makes it feel more “lively” vs a simply fade and slide in like the current intro which feels cheap/jank because of it.