Updated Branding for the "OG" Flagship Shows?

I was an avid listener for several of the podcasts 10-15 years ago and have recently returned. TBH, I was kind of surprised to see some of the branding (album art, lower thirds) for some of the flagship shows (namely TWiT, Windows Weekly, and MacBreak Weekly) haven’t been updated (beyond adding Mary Jo’s illustration to the WW art and last year’s mask additions). The MacBreak theme is based around Mac OS X 10.5 which came out in 2007 and Windows hasn’t used the “flag” icon since Windows 7… Windows 8 came out in 2012. TWiT’s lower third’s gradients and drop shadows have been a bit out-of-style for a while now. I know artwork isn’t the primary product of the network, but I’d think at least doing a one-time refresh on the branding to bring it more in-line with the products being covered might give the shows a boosted feel of gravitas, especially for people browsing podcast catalogs. The artwork being used for newer shows (iOS Today, etc.) really pops, and is in modern style. That being said, I love the shows!


We want you to feel at home! I am always reluctant to refresh too often whether it’s artwork, themes, or hosts. I want TWiT to fit like an old shoe.


Shows on the network that have changed updated logos and/or artwork frequently -

  • All About Android
  • This Week in Google

I think with the refresh of M1, Big Sur, and Apple’s newer design language, it would not hurt to move beyond the Purple Aurora Haze of the Past.

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