Project xCloud vs Apple

So what is everyone’s thoughts on the drama surrounding Microsoft and Apple over Project xCloud not being able to launch on Apple devices?

I would say typical Apple and one of the reasons why I wouldn’t use another iPhone.

Microsoft should just deliver a container load of games DVDs to Apple’s front door and let them test them all, then there would be no more arguments! :smiley:

Sorry to be such a smart mouth @big_D but please give me the reverse. :smiley:

As for the topic at hand, I think Apple is going to keep making excuses why they can’t have things on the platform that they feel like they should be doing themselves until such time as they are forced by a government to change their ways. At this point, that seems most likely to be the EU regulators… fingers crossed.

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A week after Tim Cook is in front of Congress concerning antitrust, they have to explain their pretzel logic App Store policies on why they won’t allow a competing monthly game service on their platform. That doesn’t look good.

I can only hope they’re actually in the middle of a major re-write of said policies, but since they’re not ready to release they have to stick to the current line.

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So Project xCloud is just letting you stream games you own (or subscribe to) to your phone. Why can Microsoft not release an app to do it however OneCast lets me stream my Xbox to my iPad? There is differences however Apple’s reason for not letting this happen is happening with OneCast.

I don’t understand their logic as to what constitutes a competing “app store.” I can stream a movie on a competing service on iOS even though Apple sells said movie on iTunes, but I can’t stream a game? I don’t get it.

Purchasing a show via a third-party app is fine but a game isn’t?

There is no logic here… so you shouldn’t be looking for it. They don’t want competition for their $5/mo gaming subscription… that is all. Expect Netflix and others to get booted for some faked up reason once Apple feels their video subscription option is good enough.