Apple Arcade - appeal for Windows/XBOX user?

I’m a Windows user (primarily) with an XBOX 1S and several XBOX controllers lying around. I also have an AppleTV - and while I am loathe to subscribe to an Apple-Only service - Arcade is starting to pique my interest from a casual -gaming standpoint and I’m looking for ways to use my XBOX controllers with Apple TV.

Are there any decent games - platformers or first/third person RPGs like Mario (yes, I know Mario stuff isn’t there) or Zelda/Decay of Logos or even more involved games similar to Doom or Call of Duty that would justify getting a new subscription?

As a member of the PC gaming master race, I am obliged to call you a filthy casual for even thinking about trying-

Just kidding :stuck_out_tongue:
Some of the Apple arcade games do look interesting, like Rayman and Hot Lava.


You probably have nothing to lose (except pride) to try the service for free for a month.

I plan to try try it myself too, just waiting to get a bit of spare time.

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I am a hardcore Xbox gamer and there is enough for me on Apple Arcade. I love it. As for an RPG, there is Oceanhorn 2 that I am playing and enjoying. The service reminds me of ID@Xbox for indie developers.