MBW 726: A Song for Woz

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While I think xCloud would be great on iPhones and iPads, I think the real killer use (which I think the hosts talked about on MBW725) is xCloud on Apple TV, especially given that Apple TV supports XBOX controllers. It would effectively give me a 2nd XBOX for playing games.

The argument about not being able to review each game is laughable on its face. They don’t review every Netflix movie or Amazon book or PocketCast podcast or any of the other kinds of subscription/reader apps on their platform.

Regarding Rene’s statement that Microsoft doesn’t allow Stadia on XBOX, I didn’t find any articles or announcements covering Microsoft preventing or denying Stadia from being on XBOX. Is there a post somewhere saying this happened?

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I know you can’t get Stadia on Xbox. There is no app and you can not get Chrome on Xbox. I don’t know if this is Microsoft doing it or Google but either way I don’t think there was any fuss about it for the simple fact that I don’t think there is a reason for it to be on a console. I mean one of the main points for Stadia is you don’t need an expensive console. Also, I have no desire to get Stadia because I have a console. All the games available on Stadia someone (if they wanted the game) has had a while to buy it for the console. So I think an app for Stadia is a waste except for a very small percentage of console gamers and that is the reason there was not a lot of coverage on it.