IOS 576: Apple Arcade Alternatives

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I have not listened to this show (I only own an Apple TV and don’t have any other Apple devices) - but did Mikah or @RosemaryOrchard say if Xbox Cloud gaming was available on Apple TV? I checked about a month or two ago and didn’t see a way to do it.

This matters to me as I am considering ditching Apple TV for an NVIDIA Shield or Shield Pro due to other issue I have with Apple TV. Having Xbox Cloud Gaming could sway me to put up with the other problems I’m having.

Try the cheaper option of a Chromecast with GoogleTV. I have both (it and an Nvidia Shield) and I find the experience pretty comparable. Sure the Nvidia Shield is probably much more powerful, but it’s also like three to six times the price (depending on sales/bundles of the Chromecast.) I have an actual Stadia controller and can play it on either and the experience is virtually identical. I have not tried paring a PS4 controller to the Chromecast yet though, so I should try that. (If I do, I will report back.) I have paired a PS4 controller to the Nvidia Shield and can report that experience is easy. I recommend a paid app I learned of from @JasonHowell called FxExplorer for either device for moving files smoothly from a PC or phone to the Android device (Chromecast with GoogleTV or Nvidia Shield.)

Edit: I guess I should mention that I have the add-on adapter for my Chromecast with GoogleTV that gives it access to wired ethernet. This would add to the cost (another $15US or so) but I recommend using any TV streaming device wired if you can manage it because everything is just smoother, including game streaming like Stadia.

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This is good info! I was looking at the Shield as sort of an XBOX-lite option while still having the media stuff I want. My only question would be whether the Tegra processor provided a better gaming experience. But I really like knowing how good the Chromecast is as an alternative/