Poll of the Day - 10-29-19 - Touch Screen

Does a touch screen matter to you on a new PC?

  • Yes, ANY computer I get MUST have a touch screen
  • Yes, but it is not THAT important to me
  • I can take it or leave it
  • No, I do not care for touch screens on a PC
  • I like to eat pie and put it on my touch screen

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I never touch my screen on purpose and yet it gets greasy prints on it anyway. (Probably because of time of year related insects landing on the screen and getting squished… I know gross right?) I can’t imagine trying to enjoy looking at a screen that I am constantly touching in regular use. I’d need to clean it daily… like I clean my cellphone nearly daily… what a PITA that would be.

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If it is not a tablet, I can live without it. Because of touch, we’ve lost most of the matte screens on laptops. And yes - I cannot stand fingerprints on a computer screen either. If it is not a tablet, I do not touch the screen

I have a touchscreen HP Spectre X360, which replaced a Surface Pro 3. But my main PC is a desktop with a 34" display, at work I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T480 with 2 24" external displays, it spends 98% of its time closed and doesn’t have touch.

I like touch on the HP, but I rarely use it these days. On a proper screen, it is too far away to make any real use of touch.

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I like it, I like using it when I want to and I’ve gotten so used to it that it’s become second nature now. I don’t use it all the time or probably even most of the time but when I want to, I like that I can.

I don’t like fingerprints (who does?) but I keep a microfiber cloth on my desk and usually wipe the screen and keys everyday when I sit down anyway, so no big deal.

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I only use touch on mobile devices. My Chromebook is touch screen, but I don’t think I’ve ever used it beyond confirming it worked when I got it. On my PC I prefer my Kennsington Expert Mouse® Wired Trackball.

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I am tired of looking silly tapping away at my MacBook screen, before realizing that I am not on my iPad.


I own a touch laptop, in 5 years, I have used the touch twice. I can do without the touch. Especially with the higher cost of replacement if the screen were to break.

Touch screens on desktops are useless. The last thing I want to be doing is reaching up to touch the monitor. Heck, I hate having to use my mouse most times.

Touch is perfect for tablets. I can see some people liking touch for laptops…I’m just not one of them. Once you learn shortcut keys, you can’t go back!