Matte or glossy monitors

Anyone else, besides me, miss the matte monitors and matte screens on laptops?

It’s getting harder and harder to find laptops that do not have that highly reflective screen. I realize that for touch, you basically have to have the shiny glass.

But damn, it’s hard on the eyes. If you walk into Best Buy, usually only one or two laptops out of their entire stock have that non reflective screen


Being an Apple customer, I’m pretty sure the nano-textured matte of their XDR display currently available only optionally will eventually come at least to the Mac and hopefully also iPad (I’d be surprised if iPhone, though maybe as a custom direct order option through the Apple online store, similar to engraving?). I’m pretty sure it represents a solution to the issue.

You may consider buying a matte screen protector such as PaperLike or Elecom. I personally detested Apple’s matte laptop screens (used them for years) because of the gungey film they used (I grew up on CRT’s). I’ve not tried a screen protector yet on my iPad, but it seems that over glass could still be superior to the old style of matte screen.

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Yes, they make layers you can put over the screen. But, on a laptop, it isn’t very pretty.

Dell still makes nice laptops in the XPS line with matte screens if you don’t get a touch panel. My 15" XPS has one and it’s great. You can customize it without the touch screen but with high end internals if needed. But I usually travel with my 13" MPB and it is glossy-ish. I don’t like the glare.

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That is what I thought about the Dells, but I was not sure

I never loved a laptop as much as I did my 17" matte screen MacBook. I do not like the glossy screens and the smaller sizes, but here we are.

I like the matte screen most because they don’t cause glare on the Cataracts in my eyes. Had one cataract fixed and matte seems to be the better of the two on that one fixed eye.

The only time I like glossy screens is when I am editing Photos to get them looking like real pictures.

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Yeah, I hate the glossy screens.

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The only decent laptops at the stores with matte screens I have seen that a have a decent resolution are usually gaming laptops.

Glossy at home (Spectre X360, soft lighting), matt at work (Elitebook X360) bright lighting) but if I had to choose just one, it would be the matt.