Touch screen 27” pc monitor

Hi everyone

So my todays question

Is it worth it to invest in buying a touch screen for everyday use
I mean is there any reasonable quality and price 27” touchscreen pc monitor?
What would i sacrifice going this rout
I guess there would be no 144H 1440p 27”
And would be more glaring and reflective
And gets dirty easily

So honestly i have a 17” hp laptop
With 4k touchscreen
GeForce 940
I7 dual core
16 GB ram
It works fine for most games and i regret on selling it ( and im not good in selling)
Im thinking maybe i need to switch to a pc
( i have my MacBook Pro as well)

So that is my general question:D
Thank you

I have no experience with touchscreens beyond the iPad, but I personally don’t feel the usage case is very compelling. For proper posture, your monitor should be positioned in such a way that reaching to touch it is likely to just be tiring to your arms, and an impediment to productivity. There is little in common between a desktop PC and a tablet, and with a laptop you can’t properly position the screen anyway. I would guess it comes down to whether you missing touching things, and then looking through your greasy fingerprints (not implying that you personally are any more or less greasy than any human, but my experience with my cellphone tells me screens get grody quickly.)

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You’re absolutely right
I have the same issue with touching fingerprints
For this reason I barely use my touchscreen on laptop
And it is more glossy glaring bad
The only thing is i like to have fancy technology

I had surface pro with this laptop and was so used to it then I switched to MacBook Pro and the only touh big device i have is this laptop
That is why i went that direction but I completely agree with you

I totally agree with PHolder on this one