Podcast Index 2.0

I stumbled upon podcastindex.org earlier today and it peaked my interest. I was under the impression that I could access all podcast shows in all apps but apparently not. From what I understand there are multiple podcast indexes out there which all have different content…?

From what I understand this is a new podcast index which will include all podcasts and will free of corporate entities, influence and finance - seems like a great idea to me - I thought that’s the way it was already. Don’t censor me bro!

I would like to hear Leo’s thoughts on this!

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I quickly checked out the site, I must be missing the point; what exactly are they saying is the problem with podcasting? Their goal states “preserving podcasting as a platform for free speech.” Is there some entity out there trying to prevent people from recording their voices? I can’t imagine such an endeavor would even be possible.

I think the idea is that people cannot access, for example, the Alex Jones podcast on the Apple podcast app because they don’t list it in their index. From what I understand this is an uncensored index for app developers to use. Another example would be that Joe Rogans podcast is going to be accessible only on Spotify, nowhere else.

I guess this comes down to the idea that a podcast doesn’t exist unless it’s in index or directory x. That’s silly. No one cares about podcast directories.

I suppose it is the case that if a show isn’t on iTunes it’s going to be hard to find an audience but iTunes isn’t a gatekeeper. Anyone can list their show on iTunes - it’s the first thing you do when you create a podcast. EDIT: Oh I see. The problem is Alex Jones. Well that’s true, in some cases, Apple is a gatekeeper. It’s much less so than YouTube, but you don’t need either to exist. You’ll just have to find other ways to market yourself. One good way would be to raise a ruckus about how Apple, Google, and Twitter are “violating your free speech rights.” (hint: they’re not)

If a podcast has an RSS feed (which, in my opinion, is what makes it a podcast) then any podcast client can add it directly.

A podcast should probably have an associated web site, for a variety of reasons. If it does, a Google search will be sufficient. Not being on Google might be a real problem, but you’re really going to have to work hard to get yourself delisted from google. Weird beliefs won’t do it. Trying to game Google search, on the other hand, might.

Any assertion that a show has to have an entry on podcastindex.org or a similar directory is complete nonsense. Ask yourself, if you wanted to find a show about something you are interested in, where would you look? (https://lmgtfy.com/?q=alex+jones+podcast)

Now there’s a separate issue of marketing. If you want to grow a show you need people to know about it. The #1 thing you can do is convince iTunes to feature you. A close second would be to be featured on Spotify or iHeart. These things are hard, very hard, but there are other things you could do, like buy ads on Facebook or Google, that would also help.

Marketing a show in this era of content oversupply is a big challenge, but getting your show on a podcast index no one knows about is probably going to do much.

It’s my guess that what they’re really saying is “if you’re a nutjob conspiracy theory podcast we’ve got an index for you.”

ANOTHER EDIT: Oh I just listened to the audio. It’s Adam “f’ing” Curry. Adam did this once before with Mevio (née PodShow). Remember Mevio? No one does. Adam, of all people, should know that RSS is all you need. Joe Rogan leaving RSS behind means he is not a podcaster any more. Without RSS Spotify is just an internet radio network. It is indeed the opposite of free speech. But that’s why I am such a strong believer in RSS. RSS is totally independent of any index or directory.


I understand a little better, thank you. So that’s the issue, podcast apps not including certain podcasts in their index. That is the app creators prerogative…I understand that.

So the podcastindex.org is an uncensored index for an app developer to reference when making their app. I like that idea! What if the Apple podcasts app stops users from accessing TWIT shows? I’m not an Alex Jones listener but if I want to listen to it and TWiT using the same app it would be nice to able to do so!

The directory is just a convenience. You can use the Apple Podcast app to subscribe and listen to any podcast, even Alex Jones, as long as it has an RSS feed.

Adam is probably worried that No Agenda will be removed from the iTunes directory, but, of course, he offers an RSS feed you can add directly. And so do we.

  1. Open Apple Podcasts
  2. Go to Library
  3. Press Edit in the upper left corner
  4. Click “Add A Show by URL…”
  5. Paste in https://feeds.twit.tv/brickhouse.xml

Now you’re subscribed to all our shows! The https://twit.tv/subscribe page has RSS links for all our feeds.

Should Apple make this easier? Yes! So should all podcast clients. I think I’ll make this an Ask the Tech Guy episode!!


Why does apple podcasts make it so difficult to get the rss feed of a podcast? I’ve found a couple podcasts that are only in iTunes. There is no website and not listed in my podcast app directory/search. I’ve managed to figure it out the few times it’s happened, but I think I had to use a third party website to find it.

Have I just missed the rss feed somewhere? Or is this apples way of trying to get me to use their app?

Sorry for the tangent.

Ohh I see, it’s about the directories, not the actual content production. That’s silly. It’s like saying Random House is “censoring” me because they won’t publish my coloring book. Maybe I’m just a sh!t artist…

However… such a shame that convenience is so often at odds with liberty (perceived or otherwise).

Yeah Apple hides the RSS. That’s why we put a link to our subscribe page in our show notes. Seriously, Googling the podcast name + RSS feed usually works.


If I remember correctly it’s in the hamburger menu. You could also open the web preview page and there’s a copy link button easily visible.

Agreed. In the end if an app creator wants to make certain content more readily accessible by using directory A vs directory B, I suppose that’s their prerogative. I would assume, maybe incorrectly, that would result in a loss of customers, but again, their prerogative.

What this project seems to be aiming for is to make all content easily accessible…I can’t argue with that premise.