Google colour choices for Pixel, Home mini etc

Am I the only one in the world who thinks that google’s colour choices are really terrible?

“Coral”, “not pink”, lime green buttons. It all just reminds me of Molly Ringwalds dress in Pretty In Pink. shudder

The colour that should be called ugly orange (sorry Mr Pruitt) but I think they went with orangish. There are better shades of orange out there google!

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Orange is my favorite color. I had a clamshell iBook that was orange. I actually think it’s at my parents house still. I should get them to mail it to me.


I really don’t care, because like every other sensible person, I put my phone inside of a case.


Haha me too :grin: My phone is whatever color I want it to be because it’s in a case.


I agree, the orange color could be better, BUT it still looks great :joy:!

Seriously, I don’t typically care about phone color. This is the only time I do. I’m not a man of flash, so a colorful phone ain’t my style. But this is orange(ish) :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


I’m a big fan overall of interesting colors for electronics. I like the matte style of the home minis and I’m tired of black and white stuff.

I like 50s style coloring like the cool mint kitchen aid mixer. I wish more tech looked like that.

My phone case is orange but I hate cases! I know it’s “sensible” to have a case but I would ideally like a colorful phone that I don’t have to cover up with a case.

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I used to use clear cases or orange ones until maybe two years ago I switched things up. I’ll go back to clear soon

I have never much cared about phone color. I always just put my phones in a glossy black slim case.

My favorite color is blue, so I pre-ordered the black Pixel 4 XL withe the Blue-ish case.