Photos with silhouettes

Can someone give me guidance on how to take a picture of a sunset with a person in the foreground but only in silhouette? I use only a smartphone (Xperia xz premium).
How do I setup?
Is this at all possible?


I’ve got you on this one! I took a class that was held by a pro photographer when I still had a 35mm SLR. The trick for getting the sun to be exposed correctly with the sky is to let your camera meter off of the sky almost directly above you. Lock in the exposure and then point at the sunset. (sidenote: don’t point at the sun when up in the sky or else you could literally burn up your sensor.)

If you put the person between you and the sun, it should come out with a near perfect silhouette.

You now have to post the results, too.

Edit: I didn’t really finish the point of my reference to the pro photographer. This trick was his. I realized that without that, it almost sounded like that was my qualification, lol.


nailed it.
The smartphones try to “correct” your silhouette shots with computation. Thanks for the tip and reference, @SoulDessin


Thanks @SoulDessin for the tip.
I have downloaded a light meter app though I don’t trust it.
I already have two apps that allow tighter more manual control of the phone camera.
I have both ABC (A better Camera) and Camera FV-5 professional.
I have complete control of settings. The only thing lacking is RAW files.
I will try some experimental shots tomorrow and let you know.

Please note I am using a smartphone.
I would like to learn the basics of photography and when I feel good enough, I will upgrade to a camera. I have taken many pictures with a smartphone but only two with manual settings (they were a disaster).


Feel free to watch the exposure triangle series on Hands-On Photography a few times and practice with a coffee mug or something as your model. (Shameless plug)

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OpenCamera may be worth your time.
Free Open Source and no adverts, but loaded with features (even voice control, and setting your power button as a trigger) that are as optional as you like.
Importantly it also supports RAW