iPhone 11 night photo "blue demon"

2019-11-12_073202 2019-11-12_073123 2019-11-12_073008

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These are night/moon shots taken with an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Anyone have a clue where the blue demon is coming from? I suppose it is some kind of internal refection, but should it be doing that?

It’s lens flare, light hitting the sensor that’s not part of the image, usually when you have a strong light source in front of the camera (e.g. the sun). The shape is your lens iris usually. Some lenses are worse than others.

Michael Bay would be proud :smiley:


My first thought as well, Jamze.

The slower exposure plus the bright moon = lens flare at night, if the lens isn’t 100% or you have just the right angle.

They’re beautiful images, even with the blue demon.


Thanks for explaining.
Here are the originals. They are all 3 second exposures. I used a post as a mono-pod to keep it as still as possible.

It is amazing what the phone does in the dark.


it’s lens flare as @Jamzes says. Nice capture, tho :slight_smile: