Photos I took on my phone are an odd shape

What is the normal aspect ratio? The one that photo are usually printed in I noticed that the photos I take on my phone are a little square looking.


Aspect ratio in photos is defined by the resolution only.
The various resolutions in the camera software will result in different aspect ratios.
They may be hardware defaults or what is in the software.

If you use android it is worth upgrading to the free Open Camera app, and then you will also easily spot the differences in settings between devices.


Well, most people would refer to old time photograph prints as “standard” ratios. You may be familiar with names like “5 by 7” or “6 by 9” or “8 by 10”? These are the one time sizes of highly available photo frames. Obviously these are not all the exact same ratio, which means when printed the negative was sized and cropped.

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I found this on Google, and the picture is kind of interesting

In rethinking your question, I guess maybe you’re thinking back to 35mm photography? That ratio is 3:2. Or older standard computer image sizes? Old computer display ratios were 4:3. (640x480 (x160), 800x600 (x200), 1024x768 (x256).)

Most DSLR and phone cameras shoot at 3x2 aspect ratio. Anything beyond that is merely a crop of that 3X2 photo. If you are changing the aspect ratio in the camera (or camera app in the phone) it’s still taking a 3x2 photo and cropping in camera, thus ‘lowering’ the resolution

I will note that my Pixel 2XL will generate “strange” ratios if doing panorama mode.