Panoramic Photos Printed Question

I like making panoramic photos by stitching two or more photos together.

Where is a good place to get them printed?
What resolution should they printed at? I’ve read a minimum of 240. Is that right?

Here’s an extreme example. This photo is 12757x1905. At 240 dpi it would print to 53"x7.9".
This is a very special place to me and brings back some wonderful memories of a solo wilderness excursion. This is in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness, a part of the Superior National Forest in northern Minnesota.


@ant_pruitt forgot to tag in original post. Would love your input.

A lot of times there are local photo printers available, just not widely advertised. Local as in within town or a nearby city. 240dpi will look good. You can resize your image down if need be and still keep the aspect ratio for a smaller print. 1920x1080 is 16:9 aspect, so is 3840x2160. Beautiful scene


I thought “No way. The population of the county I live in and four surrounding totals only 240,000. Ain’t gonna be no dadgum printers around here.” Surprise! I have two places to check out. Thanks @ant_pruitt


Ha! Yep. Glad I could help