Google using strange naming for pictures?

I just took a picture with my Android 11 Pixel 2XL.

It is currently 2020-Sept-28 10:36.
The file is named: PXL_20200929_022924716.jpg

What the heck google, why are you naming my pictures based on what I presume is UTC?

Makes sense. UTC is constant. If you are travelling between time zones, newer photos could end up with “older” file names.


But it’s a change from the past… why change it “all of a sudden”?
Also, I want the photo to reflect the time it was when I took it, sorting be damned. If I “time traveled” that’s my problem.

I believe this change was announced. I remember reading about it.

This article mentions the name change (which I also noticed, but didn’t complain about, because whatever) but it doesn’t mention anything about the date/time portion:

Reddit is complaining as well: