Photo Thread: Week 2021-02-14

Here is the new thread for a new week…

Sunrise up the main road towards town

View in the other direction, out of town. Note the mound by the bus stop, that is well over 5’ high!

View over the fields beyond the houses in the previous photo.

View down our street. The snow ploughs still haven’t cleared the snow, after a week!


Cycling on ice road met nice ice smog in the middle of the frozen lake.

Our main power plant brings warmth and some electrity

Some beer and warming my toes in local bar. Nice trip about 18km temperature from -7 to -14C


Wow, that looks otherworldly!

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While in the middle of the fog I couldn’t even see where I was going or where I came from. Only way to navigate was the road. And going into the fog looked like I was going downhill very weird feeling on a lake. The lake shore in this picture is less than 2km away.

Everything was covered with a thin layer of ice.

Cloud droplets and liquid precipitation can remain liquid even when the air temperature surrounding the suspended or falling liquid is below freezing. This occurs because the liquid needs a surface to freeze upon. The liquid droplets will freeze without a nuclei surface if the temperature drops low enough. As a general rule, liquid cloud or precipitation drops between freezing and -10 C (14 F) will remain liquid. When the temperature drops to below -40 C, all liquid droplets will solidify. Droplets that are liquid and are below freezing are referred to as supercooled droplets.


Out for a walk with the dog.


Woke up to a temperature of -12 F. Warmed up to -5 F when I took the pictures.

Ice fishing shanties out on the lake


Some rain made for a lot of fog, but I couldn’t quite capture it.


Looks like the gray one maybe tumbled over? I wonder how cell phones have changed the experience of ice fishing.

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A bit of nostalgia for our former Dobie who’s no longer with us. He loved going in the water. :blush:
Taken on a Moto G5 Plus.


Looks beautiful in that fog. Is your trike an electric assist? Looks very nice.

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I see fog, I like the mood.


No electric assist just normal.

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Ah, thanks. Looks like a very nice one.

trying my luck with firefall in Yosemite - Canon R5 Ef 70-200 f2.8


Google photos showing old photos this 1 year old


I didn’t know about this, so I did a quick google, saw the old tradition around embers in Wikipedia, that was stopped decades ago and was confused. Further investigation lead to: 2021 Yosemite firefall reservations: What to know - Los Angeles Times

Neue Woche, neues Glück…

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