Passkey notification not getting passed to my Android mobile

See pic here Imgur: The magic of the Internet

The Passkey notification is not going from my Ubuntu laptop to my Android Samsung A73 phone. See imgur image for details. Bluetooth is turned on on my laptop and phone.

Any idea what is the problem?

Need any other details?

In the recent past google has successfully sent login verification requests from my laptop to this same phone.

I’d start with the basic troubleshooting steps - have you restarted all devices involved?

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Also, is your Samsung phone up to date and receiving the latest firmware? I know that people were talking about using the Pixel line of phones with PassKeys, but that is a Google product and they push out updates almost every month. Samsung has been known to be slower to roll out updates.

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Yep, full power down and reboots on laptop and phone.

Also, is your Samsung phone up to date and receiving the latest firmware?

[[ yes ]]

If Chrome notifications are blocked on my A73, will that prevent the A73 from showing the Passkey verify screen that was sent from my laptop?

One would hope that the Passkey ecosystem is not built to require anything specific from the browser, but this is Google, so probably they did build it to require Chrome or something. Unfortunately I’m not the right person to help you as I have no interest in Passkeys and am actively ignoring getting locked in that way. Over on Ars Technica, Dan Goodin has written a lot about them recently, maybe some of his writing will offer some helpful advice on getting them working. Dan Goodin | Ars Technica

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Good article. Thanks.