AAA 577: Motorola Rolla

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Yup, third-party authentication is a real pain for password vaults. Gets worse when multiple sites are using the same authentication method.

Does anybody know what the URI is? It’s added to many of my password vault entries (in addition to the URL of the site). If I turn off matching for it though, it breaks the matching.

For example, with my NHS login, I get 9 matches in my password database, which I then have to scroll through to select the actual NHS one :angry:

Agree with Duncan, the current Watch2 lasts for 24 hours, so unless they are going to give you a week’s battery life, just make the charging faster. Not happy the Classic is going. The physical bezel is the best bit. BTW Duncan has been missed off the credits on that show link :point_up:t2:

Get well soon @JasonHowell + family. Sounds like you are over the worst of it :+1:t2:

I’ve not had that problem with LastPass or 1Password… Only on sites like Microsoft, where I have multiple logons anyway…

Thank you! Feeling much better day by day. My test today was the absolute FAINTEST of lines. I’m hoping tomorrow its clear.


It’s a Chrome on Android thing I think. Even though my default browser isn’t Chrome, it opens a Chrome window for sites or apps that shell out to a website to authenticate, and this same URI always gets added to your password vault. Annoying.