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They need to to beign back know how and the new screen savers. See the video’s online about how to install Windows 10 on an Synology NAS cound be good to look at network os.

How do you fell about someone who lives in area that has 4 choices of fiber optical internet being told by his land lord you will use this one and like it; but in real world it’s the one that’s has a value of less then zero to you.

Yes, it would be nice. But unfortunately, its probably not the right climate to do so at the minute.

In terms of the internet access, if the landlord says you have to use what’s there, so be it.

Yeah, I can imagine it’s a PITA if each new renter is installing different systems with each move in. You’d wind up with dish and cable and fiber lines all over the place? A smart landlord would probably install one system throughout his/her structure and have a single location for the boxes?

We rent out a house that has cable wired into the living room and master bedroom and basement family room. We aren’t about to let renters start rewiring the house nor do we want a dish installed on the roof. We don’t have multiple cable companies so our renters use Comcast or their own cell connections. However, none have ever complained about it either. If they ever needed more connections, I’d probably just put in an Eero and call it done! :joy: