What could possibly go wrong?

This is a segment (or should be) on #SecurityNow

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Pair your cell phone to a rental car.

Put your home NAS on the public Internet.

To be clear, this is a major way these manufacturers of home NAS devices market them. For example Synology says ( https://www.synology.com/en-us/products/DS918+ ):

I bring this up not because you are wrong to ask “what could possibly go wrong,” but to point out that people are doing it because the manufacturers sell it that way.


I agree, after hearing the relish with which Steve uses the phrase it really ought to be a regular segment. :wink:


The pairing with a rental shouldn’t be a problem, it is how you pair it and what you do, before giving the car back that count.

I don’t use rentals often (I think the last one was about 15 years ago), but I use company pool cars every now and then.

I pair my phone, so I can listen to my audio books during the trip (I used to carry an Aux cable, but my current phone doesn’t have a headphone jack), but I don’t let it have access to my phone book or anything else. And when I hand the car back, I make sure I delete my phone from the list.


On the other hand, pairing a rental vehicle with your phone (as in loading the manufacturer’s app for the vehicle and pairing the car with the phone, so you can start and stop the car, unlock it etc.) can be very dodgy for the rental company, if you don’t remove the pairing.

As Steve this week pointed out, one renter still had access to the rental vehicle months after giving it back, because the manufacturer wasn’t interested in providing a way to remotely deactivate the pairing.