OLD IPOD TOUCH not showing up

need help with some thing Apple doesnt want to help with, I have an old ipod touch, for years I have serch for help with no luck, my PC doesnt see my 2000 ipod touch, tried every thing I have found on the web but still my Ipod touch doesnt show on my PC . any help would be a great help on a puzzle I have tried to solve for years

I’m sure it’s related to the age of the device. Download the trial version of iMazing and see if it works.

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down loaded imazing, it saw my touch, but every time I tried to trasfer any thing to the touch it’s said I need IO5 or newer, can find a way to update my Touch beyound IO4, thanks for trying (-:

I think it may an os issue my ipod touch shows up and works find in Windows but the mac version of itunes will not use it. I can add any MP3s, podcasts, Home videos, exe; but boot into Windows 10 I can. So I believe you have an OS issue.