iTunes back up on windows password reset

Hello everyone
So I ve been backing up my iPhone on windows 10 iTunes as well as
Back up on MacBook
Back up on iCloud
Backup photos on iCloud
And back up photos separately as folder

So i can not reach or do a new back up on windows as i kinda forget the password on that
My question is how am i able to delete windows backup and treat it as a new device and do a new back up on iTunes on windows without resetting the iPhone settings or do something that hard

I don’t need the beck up just want to be able to do a new backup and it doesn’t let me do so
Thank you

Since you say you do not care about the backup, you can find any iPhone backups at the following location on the C: drive of your Windows 10. You should be able to delete it. Note that I have provided the path as it is on my Windows 10 installation, which is not the same as you find on some tech references online. I would suggest you simply rename the backup file by adding _save to the name, just in case.

This PC>‘drive name’(C:)>Users>‘your user name’.Apple>MobileSync>Backup

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For safety reasons I already changed the path and moved the backup
Do you think if i remove it would be gone from iTunes memory and makes it as never backed up?
Thank you that might be a really simple and effective solution

I tried creating a backup on Win10 iTunes, which results in it showing up in the box for backing up and recovering backup on Summary tab. I then changed name of backup file, but backup still appeared. I then deleted backup, and the original “never backed up “ message appeared. One thing I did not do is move the old backup to a different location, such as external drive.
Also rediscovered idevice backups can be pretty big, especially if you have a 256gb iPhone.

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