Ah, Ha Moments!

I know I am a newbie in this tech discussion world, but I need an outlet when I discover something totally new and interesting when playing with these high tech toys.

Installed Catalina MacOS using the dosdude1 patcher tool that allows one to upgrade a Mac too old to use the official Apple way. Also decided to get back on the iOS beta bandwagon after getting a new iPhone 11. So, connected the iPhone to back it up before installing the beta. I also brought up the Finder to copy apps from my High Sierra boot drive on the same machine, to the Catalina system. Hey, what’s my iPhone doing on the Finder under locations? When I click on it, it looks like the old iTunes top level for iOS devices. And when I expand it, I can see all the apps with files. Is this part of the “new” iTunes replacement? I can actually manipulate the file system of some of my most important apps? The promise of a computer in my pocket keeps getting closer.