Opinions on iPod 7th Gen

So, for Christmas my kids are wanting their own iPods so I was looking at the 7th Gen ones but want to hear everyone’s opinion. My plan is to get them the 32Gb version but had a question about the screen size. I am worried a 4” screen is going to be too small for them.

My kids are 7 and 6. They each have their own switch (which is their go-to for watching YouTube and such) and want something they can easily take along with them on the go and, as my son puts it, “download anything he wants to download” game-wise since it would be his.

What is everyone’s opinion? Should the screen size be okay for a 6 and 7 year old? I am worried because they are used to playing on my wife and I’s iPads and iPhones. Anyone with young kids have an iPod? Do they like it?


Speaking just for myself as someone whose only devices for years were iPods, it’s awfully small, but if I were that young maybe I could be OK with it. Since yours seem used to bigger screens, though, I guess you’d have to weigh their pocketability and price versus, say, Apple certified refurbished old, larger iPhones. I still have my old iPod 6 (falling apart) and am seriously considering a 7 still because of its pocketability.


Personally, I’d consider going the refurbished iPhone route (minus the functions you don’t want them to have yet, obviously) only because the iPod screen is very small and it sounds like they’re used to something bigger. Also, I’ve had battery problems with every iPod I’ve ever owned.


Have two grandkids (9 and 12), both use iPads most of the time. I set up my old iPod Touch with movies and tv shows when they visit, as it was too hard to put my stuff on their devices. Also set up a kids iCloud account and Messages for when they stay with us (with parents approval). They both love it. Probably more the content, but they both say it’s like having their own iPhone. Never have had a complaint about size of the screen.


I bought an Iphone 6S at WalMart about a year ago - new for $99. It was a Straightalk phone. I just didn’t activate it. I used it for streaming on my tv until I got my first Chrome device.

Now, I use it as a backup to my main ipod.

I am not sure that they are still $99 at WalMart anymore - but worth a check…

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Thanks for all the replies. I am going to look into a few things this weekend. I may take them to an Apple Store and let them see one and make sure that is what they want “Santa” to bring them.


Just a little update: they got them, they love them, my wife and I have our phones back. SUCCESS!!!


Great to hear :slight_smile: !!!