OK Google that's ABSOLUTELY wrong and I am scared to trust you now

I ask “OK Google, what is ninety-nine point eighty times one point two six oh three” I expect the answer to be 99.80 * 1.2603 = 125.77794 or some close variation, but it gives me an answer in the 40’s!!! I can no longer trust it to do basic math!!!

Can anyone else verify this?

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Typing it into google.com gives the right answer.

I have all assistants (Google, Siri, Alexa and Cortana) deactivated here, so can’t test them.

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Alexa for the win :slightly_smiling_face: Google voice isn’t parsing 1.2603 as a number for some reason. So then does a web search (for me).

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Floating point math is hard and computers are notoriously inaccurate when approximating floats. I suspect this isn’t a problem with the assistant per se but with the underlying computation.

Edit: well 40 is obviously a problem. Check and see what the assistant thought it heard. I tried it and I got “I don’t know but I found these results on search.” I’d stick with integer math!


Yeah, but I was trying to verify a money conversion on an import. It was almost $100US and the exchange rate was 1.2603. I already had an answer on the form, so I knew what I expected, but I do worry when an “assistant” is supposed to be able to do basic math and does something this crazy. Perhaps, as a start, it needs repeat back what it heard, such as “I computed that 99.80 times 1.2603 is 125.777” This way you’d know it heard you right and that it did a calculation and not a search.


Good point, though I’m sure we would also have to be able to enable that for individual responses otherwise we would get impatient every time it asked to make sure what we said was correct about simple things. Like what’s the weather today? Did you want to know what the weather is today? lol

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I’m sorry for your frustration, but this is HILARIOUS :joy:


What do you get if you ask Google “What’s 100 US dollars in [currency unit]”? Or the other way round if you’re trying see what it’ll be in dollars, I wasn’t quite sure from the way you wrote it whether your home currency is USD or something else.

I was just wondering if it’s been set up to expect that type of question and get the conversion value as part of the query.

My Lenovo Smart Clock gave me 125.748.