OEM Software Sources

Anyone know where to acquire a CD-Rom of OEM Software for a 10 year old Panasonic Camcorder. Its a PV-GS500 Digital. I misplaced my CD and Panasonic doesn’t have any, either CDs or for download.

I’m sure other people could benefit with finding a good online source.

I see a few of these listed on E-bay. If nothing better presents itself, perhaps you could arrange a side deal with one of the sellers where they’d make you a copy of the CD for a few bucks.

I found my CD Finally, but it won’t work on newer OS. I have a MAC with Win 7 in Bootcamp, and it won’t work on that either. Ugh

Won’t work in what sense? I presume the software will install on the older OS, but it just can’t see the camera?

Also, you may need this update

Thank you. I will try this at my earliest convenience.

I tried to run the Panasonic software but is just said it wouldn’t work. I tried compatibility mode, etc. But my problem is I don’t have big chunks of time to try these things so sometimes I lose track of what I did or tried.