Canon Vixia Battery "adapter"?

On a recent show Leo mentioned that TWiT used Vixia cameras for the studio. He’d said that battery “adapters” were purchased for them that allowed them to stay on by making the camera think they were on battery power. I’d like to try using one for my streaming camera.

Does anyone know what these are called? I’ve tried a lot of search terms but keep coming up empty. Thanks.

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Yeah it’s an a/c adapter. Search for the actual battery name + a/c adapter. Example: Canon LP-E6 ac adapter

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Hi Ant–thanks for the tip! I tried your suggestion and a couple of variations on ebay and Amazon with no luck. My Google-fu failed too. At least I have a better idea now of what to search for now.

Have a great day. Love your work!

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You’re welcome. THANKS for the kind words. What model is your Vixia?

I have an HF21. I was going though the menus to see if there was a way to turn off the demo mode last night, thinking I might be able to have the camera stay on when the AC is plugged in but no luck there. Even with Quick Start disabled the camera will go into demo mode eventually.