Software virtual cameras on MacOS

Is there any reason why virtual cameras such as EOS Webcam Utility and OBS Virtual Webcam will not work in Skype and Teams, but work in the web versions of the apps?

I am on Big Sur running on a M1 Mac Mini.

Possibly a mixture of Rosetta and native code that don’t work well together?

Hmm I wonder if Apple changed something in Big Sur related to drivers, and the old apps haven’t been updated to work in a new way to find them?

I’ve since found a note on Canon’s web site that it doesn’t work on those apps, only the web version. That’s up to Catalina. I’m assuming this is the same for OBS Virtual Web Cam. I wonder why it doesn’t work and whether there was a change in MacOS to break virtual web cams.

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Catalina too according to Canon web site. I don’t know what changed to break virtual web cams.