My Odd Experience w/ Snapchat Today

This post is in a couple of parts because I originally posted it to the Club TWiT Discord but I thought it should be where it would get more eyes

11:34 am ET:

I just discovered that somehow there’s a Snapshot account that I didn’t make associated with one of my gmail addresses. I’ve checked the login history of the google account and don’t see a login matching the location that the Snapchat login alert says that the suspicious login came from. I also searched my email and this is the first reference to this account I could find.

I know that it’s not phishing because I was able to change the password and login to the account I’ve also already contacted Snapchat support.

12:38 pm ET:

Update: I gets even weirder. I did a data export and noticed that the account hadn’t been used since 2018 before the login attempt today and the attempt came from Russia (the phone number one the account has a Minnesota area code).

Do we know that SnapChat has always required email verification as part of account creation? It’s possible someone created the account using your email by accident? I have a very guessable and common email address, and every Pam, Peter, Panda or Pony thinks my email address is theirs. They use P.Holder at foo when they mean P.Holder1234 at foo, no doubt. Every so often I find someone has created a new account for me, and I have to request a password reset (which comes to my email address) and take it over and close it. One lady did that at some Sun Bank or something, and I cannot get that bank to stop sending me her personal info, so I marked it as SPAM until it stopped arriving in my main box.

I don’t know but I took a look at at the accounts chat logs and it just seems to be innocent activity (mostly someone who seems to be a teenage girl gaming with her friends). I think it was an accident but it shouldn’t of been able to happen.

I can’t check if I’d received a confirmation email because that account got perged (because I ran out of google storage) a few months after those messages were sent

There’s a weird flaw in Snapchat. My snap account is associated with some woman I don’t know. But, like you, I can change passwords etc. It’s obviously some (harmless?) bug in the database. I just ignore it, but then I never use Snapchat!


My Snapchat account is under a different email address. The one I had this issue with an email address I don’t remember using with Snapchat.

I’m not worried, but I think the login itself was suspicious (but I don’t really care its not my account).