Cannot Log In To (Mastodon)

I tried to log into my Twit Mastodon account but failed. I changed my password but still failed to log in. Any idea what’s wrong? Thanks.

It is working fine for me. Just tried logging out and logging back in again.

What error message are you getting?

Hi Big_D,

I get “Invalid email address or password”.


And you are going in over the correct server?

Yes …

Were you ever able to log in? What client (or is it just the web) that you’re using? You know that you log in with an email address, and not your Mastodon handle, right?

Send an email to with your user account and I’ll reset your password.

UPDATE: I’ve reset your password. Try again…

Hi Leo,

Trouble in paradise. When I attempted to log in, it asked me to enter a new pawword. Did so. Tried to log in, same error. Changed the password to 12345678 and got the same error. It doesn’t like something … could it be my ID? I’m using the Firefox browser to get to the login screen.



Hmm, I’ve never seen this before. If you create a new account does the same thing happen?

I’m looking at your account on and it looks normal - except that there’s been no login since November and no posts. Same email that you used to register here.

I’ll reset the password again.

Hi again Leo,

I haven’t done much with Mastodon since I signed up after you announced it on one of your podcasts. I found it a little daunting so I left it for a more serious look later.

So I tried to change the password again but it said it had expired and to request a new password. So I did that, changed password but still cannot login. Just a thought, this is the ID I put into Google to get to the login page: Is this valid? If it is, can you delete the account and let me start from scratch and create a new account.


By the way, I listen to your podcasts all the time. Too bad Mary Jo left.


Hmmm. The phrase “put into Google” is throwing me a bit. You should not enter the @rocky part. Just go to

Click this link then login:

Hey @Rocky can you post a screenshot of the error you’re getting when you try to login? I’m thinking we may be trying to sign in to the wrong place.

For reference, this is the login page for (Log in -, just enter the email address you signed up with and the password for your account here:

I have attached a Word doc with a screenshot of the login page I get.

It appears I’m signing into where as your screen shows

I’m signing in thru Google.

Hope this helps.


(Attachment Mastodon Login.docx is missing)

My doc got rejected. I don’t know how to send screenshots.


No need to attach a Word doc, you can simply paste your screenshot into the text box.

That’s your issue. You need to go to instead, and login there.