Door Dash Generating Spam

On my lock screen this morning I received notice of a message from Door Dash. I am expecting a grocery delivery in a few hours When I went to messages I found instead SPAM. Why had spam filters not blocked it. Well its because it originated from Door Dash. This is a slimey way to get around filters. and generate revenue for DD. I won’t mention the food supplier because I really don;t believe

they are involved.

I doubt it was door dash. Everyone spoofs numbers. Last night I got 12 phone calls within 2 hours to my landline (yes, I still have one of those) all with the same robocall claiming to be from local numbers. Apparently most of the town received them as well because there was constant “complaining” on a local Facebook group.

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Clearly shows thier phone number

Someone spoofed the number Door Dash uses (which is pretty generic) and sent a message to multiple people. Unfortunately, it happens all the time.


There has been a big increase in malicious spam SMS alleging to be from delivery services.

The links usually go to some phishing site - if it is Android, it will try and get you to install a .pkg file (local app installation), with malware. If you are on an iPhone, it usually tries to get you to log onto a fake banking site.

This wave has been going across Europe for a few weeks now. Luckily, hardly anyone has my mobile numbers (work and private). I have received 1 SMS on each device.

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It is kind of amazing that this spam SMS and phone calls are still a thing. Spoofing is trivially easy, I guess, but how have we not come up with safeguards or authentication protocols, or legislation or some kind of incentives (positive or negative) to put an end to this? I get a few spam SMS every month, and even more phone calls with some kind of message in Chinese. I’ve thought about turning on the “Contacts Only” setting, but as a parent I get too many legitimate calls from schools, teachers, parents, doctors, etc.
It seems that telco’s are not properly motivated to combat this problem. Perhaps we need legislators to refocus telcos on their core mission of providing good communications to the public.

In Europe, such spam calls and SMS are illegal. There are big fines and prison, if you agree caught. But these malware attackers don’t care.

Maybe the fines need to be imposed on telco’s, or maybe we need a class-action lawsuit. I think we need to do something at that level, though. Going after the people perpetrating this seems to be a losing cause, at least the way things are structured now. The carriers need a greater incentive to make it much harder to spoof and to spam.

Agreed. The robocaller from last night is at it again. 16 calls in 90 minutes.