My Intro from Northern Maine

Greetings from the top of Maine!! I have been a lifelong self-taught techie. I grew up in Western NY, just south of Rochester. As a kid, my father worked for IBM and would give me older laptops and told me just to mess around with them. If I broke it I just had to let him know and he would get me another one. I always loved technology! However, I went in the direction of music and attended the University of Maine and received my degree in Instrumental Music Education with a trumpet concentration. I have been teaching in a small school in Northern Maine for about 15 years now.

In addition to teaching, I play in a number of local groups consisting or orchestras, wind ensembles, oldies/pop music, and a few other things. After a few years in the district, I started running our school website. It slowly turned in to helping our 2 tech guys over vacations. One of our tech guys retired and due to various other issues, I was asked to fill in for the other tech guy since he was out for a while. As I kept the department running with no problems I was asked soon after to take over the department as the Technology Director, in addition to my full-time teaching duties. Ten years later and I get the best of both worlds, teach band to students in grades 5-12 and I run all the school technology, keeps me busy for sure but I love it. I also teach a media production class that I really enjoy. Last year I built a recording studio for our students to learn and next year we will do more with video.

I am a competitive golfer and coach our golf and volleyball teams and have done so for many years. I consider myself a general knowledge techie as I need to deal with networking issues and routinely work with Macs, Windows, iOS, Linux, and Android. I love watching just about all of your shows. I don’t get a chance to talk with a lot of techies up here as we are quite remote so your shows give me a way to stay current.



Greetings Adam, you’re among your kind here. :slight_smile: Does your location have you come across Stephen King any time? I once drove through Maine once taking a friend from New Brunswick to a job interview in Connecticut. It was beautiful country, but there weren’t much more than trees along a good stretch of I95. I do remember seeing signs for numbered areas that were unincorporated… they were the strangest things… Something Like T001S002N003 or something. Maybe those areas have been developed after 30 or so years.

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Thanks! I have never seen him but when going to college at UMaine in Orono my wife and I lived in Bangor just down from the airport. We lived off the street his house was on, it was about a 3 minute walk which we walked by his house many times always hopeful! I never went too much past Orono until I was hired for my current position. We were currently living in NY at the time, it was a loooong drive…lol. I live about halfway between Houlton (on I95) and Presque Isle. About 35 minutes south of Caribou which is usually the weather spot they show on the national map for our area.

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Hello from Colorado!!!

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Howdy from Texas! Glad ya found us!

greetings and welcome from Pennsylvania

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Greetings! I was born and raised in Lewiston, Maine!

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